About Us

The Higgins Family & Higgins Hut

The Higgins family has lived and worked in the Snowy Mountains for generations, and forms part of the history of the high country.

Michael Higgins Snr built the original Higgins Hut circa 1880. Known as the Mt Tamboritha Hut, it was a log cabin with a bark roof, which accidentally burnt down in 1923.

Rex Miller built the second hut, but returning home one evening in 1933, also found it burnt to the ground.

Jack and Mick Higgins built the third and final hut later that year. A robust structure of iron and logs, this is the hut that still stands today, and is at the heart of our operation, where we prepare and serve our hearty High Country fare.

Kevin Higgins

Kevin has been driving cattle through the Victorian High Country on horseback for over 50 years. Has the knowledge and ability to provide the best rides and most spectacular views in the region. He was also invited to work with the stars on "The Man from Snowy River II" movie as a crack rider and featured in many riding scenes.