Things To Do

Higgins Hut is a unique location in the heart of the High Country. Should you choose not to ride every day, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the natural surroundings. Here are a few of our favourites:

Walking Tracks

The Bennison Plains Road from Licola to Higgins Hut is an access point to many of the region's tracks and sights, including a 1-km path to the summit of the waterfall at Dinner Creek Gorge, which is about 30mins by car from the Hut. Closer to home there is an 8-km loop track that will take you through the alpine plains, along the ridge and past Chester Hut, before returning to Higgins Hut.

Just under 50km by road from the Hut are the Howitt Plains – one of the areas we ride through. Two walking tracks lead off from the car park: a 5-km track to the Macalister Springs and a 7-km trail to Mt Howitt (1742m above sea level).


Shaws Creek, which runs through our land on Bennison Plains, has been known to supply dinner for our riders on occasion with trout often found in some of the better fishing spots.

Lake Tarli Karng

Also known as ‘The Hidden Lake’, Tarli Karng is about a 40km drive from Higgins Hut and accessible via a walking track that follows the Wellington River from the Bennison Plains Road. It is thought that even the indigenous people of the area were unaware of the Lake, hence the name Hidden Lake.