About Our Horse Riding Tours Across The Top Of Victoria

From November through April, most rides take in the High Country, setting off from Higgins Hut on Bennison Plains.

In the colder months of May, June and October, we ride lower down in the picturesque Licola Valley.

We also run a limited number of Cattle Mustering and driving trips in the year, and run an annual beach ride with the historic Snake Island Cattlemans Association in February.

Bespoke packages for private groups and school trips can be arranged. Please contact us direct for more information.

High Country Rides

Many of our High Country tours follow the spectacular scenery from "The Man from Snowy River" movies including Craig's Hut, one of the regions most photographed landmarks. We also take in the spectacular views from Mt Howitt, Mt Magdala, The Bluff and Mt Stirling. Alternately we visit Mt Reynard, the impressive ravine at Bryce's Gorge, the grassy high plains at Mt Wellington and Dargo, and many more places like Lake Tarli Karng, the hidden lake nestled deep within the mountains. We also visit the historical Wonnangatta Station, once known as the most isolated homestead in Victoria.

Licola Valley Rides

The picturesque Licola Valley is the traditional Winter base for livestock brought down from the mountains. We ride alongside the scenic Macalister River, and make our way up to some of the lower peaks such as as Mt Lookout, Mt Selma and Mt Matlock where we look out over the green valley, to the mountain ranges beyond. Some of our rides also offer a night in the historic Woods Point Pub, in one of the original gold mining towns establish in 1862.

Cattle Musters

The Higgins Family still keep livestock up on Bennison Plains. Twice a year, we muster the cattle and drove them up the mountain in the spring, and back down to Licola for Winter in May. There is always an element of unpredictability where cattle mustering and droving is concerned, so these five day trips are only for experienced riders, able to canter and easily control their horse. You can expect bush bashing, river crossings and the opportunity to chase down your charges and return them to the herd.

Snake Island Beach Ride

Cattlemen have driven cattle out to Snake Island on Victoria’s Gippsland coast for over 100 years. Adjacent to Wilson's Prom National Park, the 35km2 island is the largest sand island in Victoria, and an entirely unspoilt natural environment. We spend our days riding through woodland, scrubland and heaths where native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Swamp Wallabies and Koala’s roam, before heading to the beach for a good blast along the surf.

We meet and cross to the Island on horseback at low tide. All clothing and provisions for the trip have to be carried on your horse, so pack carefully in a waterproof bag. Accommodation is provided in the Cattleman's Association Bunk House.