Beautiful 6 day ride through the High Country of Victoria

The 6 Day Snowy River Film Ride is an amazing experience! If you grew up watching The Man From Snowy River and only ever dreamt of riding in beautiful country like this, then this is the ride for you. Every day you are experiencing the different landscapes that the high country has to offer. From tight bush tracks to riding along the edge of cliffs to a waterfall to then of course riding through the infamous high country mountain terrain. No photos or descriptions will do justice to the feeling of being on the top of Mount Howitt.

If you are looking for a rustic and authentic high-country experience then this tour is for you. Higgins Hut is secluded and charming and has a big open fire place to keep you warm in the evenings. After a few nights staying in the bunkhouse at Higgins Hut we then went to Lovicks Hut where we camped out for the remainder of the nights. You can either bring your own swag or big spacious tents are set up and showers, camp fires and delicious meals are provided for when you come back from a long days ride. It is a pretty cool experience going out camping with your horses.

The horses themselves are beautiful. They are not like your ‘traditional trail riding horse’, not one bit! Each horse has their own personality and you are matched with a horse to suit your riding ability. They have horses to suit all riding abilities from complete beginners to well experienced riders. If you find you are not suited to your horse you can easily swap out for a different horse the next day or if you are a few days out from home-base (Higgins Hut) then the staff go well over and beyond and will swap around horses with the spare horses they bring on the rides or with the horses the staff are riding. The flexibility with selecting the horse you ride is great. The best thing is how well the horses are looked after. They are incredibly happy horses and have the biggest and most beautiful paddock to spend their time in. None of them are over-worked and are eggar to be on the rides, which is refreshing to see in a tour company. Each day the horses get checked to make sure they are not sore and are in good health and a spare horse or two will be out on the ride if a change over needs to be made.

The Higgins family will give you a real authentic experience of what it is like to ride out in the high-country. This is not a sugar-coated tour of any sort, but if you are open about your riding abilities and expectations you are sure to have an incredible time!

Estelle, March 2021

Awesome riding experience

I had an awesome time with the Snowy River Horse Tours family team. We rode up to Mount Howitt the views were spectacular and the horses very impressive, I had not idea that horses can essentially rock climb.

There are a wide range of horses to suit all skill levels from absolute nubes like myself to experienced riders. It was easy to see that the horses are well looked after and of a high priority to the team.

The hot meals (breakfast and dinner) were wholesome, perfect for long day rides. Lunches light (wraps) perfect for being on the move.

The staff are extremely flexible willing to change plans base of unpredictable changes in weather, horses needs and customer requests. Their passion for the high country and the needs for their horses and customers is easy to see.

Morten C

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend on Mt Reynard and Howitt with Amazing views. The horses are all very trustworthy and easy to get along with and cover all standards including beginners. Mr Walker cooked our meals and there was plenty of good food and company. Bon fire or fire in the hut at night and accommodation in the bunk house with a pot belly stove meant no freezing on the colder nights. We were in the middle of nowhere with enough mod cons to make it easier. I would recommend this trip to anyone as all standards are catered for and a great weekend will be had.

Pene G

Fantastic experience

Had a fantastic weekend ride with friends. Kevin Higgins and his wife Mel and daughter Jess took the ride to Mt Reynard and Mt Tamboritha. Kevin is a real high country character who has a wealth of knowledge about the area and its history. Mel and Jess are kind and helpful. The accommodation is in a bunkhouse and its very clean, hot showers, comfortable and warm. Huge campfire to sit around at night.
The food was cooked with love by Mr Walker (John) and was plentiful, fresh and delicious. We had freshly made wraps for lunch, eggs and bacon or sausages & cereal for breakfast, roast beef and roast veggies for dinner.

The horses were very quiet and a range available for beginners to experienced riders. They are well cared for and obviously loved by the Higgins family. There's lots of opportunities to canter or you can choose to walk if you prefer - there's no pressure to canter at all. We had a few beginners in our group and they felt relaxed and confident on the ride and managed to canter in the end.

Beautiful scenery through the high country, with a different view around every corner. Photo opportunity from the top of the mountains was breathtaking.
Very quiet relaxing spot, with no phone service (bonus), or electricity you can really unwind. Can charge your phone if need.

Would recommend this ride to anyone who loves riding and the high country.

Jayne H